Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Reader favorites: Top 5 cloud computing...

Reader favorites: Top 5 #Cloud computing #tutorials for 2015 - #Docker @IBMCloud

Reader favorites: Top 5 cloud computing...

As you may have noticed, much of the cloud computing content we've published on developerWorks this year has focused on IBM Bluemix. Indeed, I've already posted a list of our top 5 Bluemix tutorials for 2015. But there's a whole lot more to developing for cloud than that one (very powerful) product. That's why I've pulled together this separate list: top 5 developerWorks tutorials published in 2015 that focus on cloud topics other than Bluemix. I chose these based on developerWorks traffic data for 2015 to date -- that's right, these are your favorites for the year.
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