Sunday, 29 November 2015

Hadoop on Bluemix introduced to Big Data Analytics students

University of Petroleum & Energy Studies (UPES), Dehradun in India is offering Management course on Business Analytics. In this course, students get an opportunity to learn about IBM Big Data & Analytics tools and technologies.  Professors at UPES using course content and software by IBM Academic Initiative for no charge. This year IBM Academic Initiative team is also giving IBM Bluemix 12 & 6-months access to professors and students respectively to develop, test and deploy on IBM Cloud.

Got an invite from Dr. +Krishan Pandey (Head of Decision science department at UPES) and +Prof. Vibhav Mathur (Professor - Decision science department at UPES) to discuss  Big Data Analytics topic with MBA students. On 16th Oct, conducted a one-day session comprising 2 hours theory and 6 hours hands-on lab exercises on Hadoop. After discussing Hadoop usecases and common solution architectures we could complete below given lab exercises on 'Analytics for Apache Hadoop' service on IBM Bluemix Cloud platform -

1 Get Started with 'Analytics for Apache Hadoop' on IBM Bluemix 
2 ‘Analytics for Apache Hadoop’ in IBM Bluemix: Load Data in HDFS using WebHDFS API 
3 ‘Analytics for Apache Hadoop’ in IBM Bluemix: Automate MapReduce Jar execution using Oozie Workflow 
4 Pull Filtered Tweets in HDFS using ‘Insights for Twitter’ service in Bluemix 
5 Generate TSV (for Hive & Bigsheet) and TXT (for Text Analytics) from Tweets JSON 
6 Populate Hive Table to Query Twitter Data and Join with Other Relational Data 
7 Use Big R to access, manipulate, visualize, and analyze hadoop data on Bluemix
8 Usecase for ‘BigInsights for Hadoop’ / ‘Analytics for Apache Hadoop’ services on Bluemix
9 BigInsights / Hadoop in Bluemix: Count Hashtags using Pig Script with Oozie Workflow 

Students were thrilled to see how an Hadoop cluster got created quickly on Bluemix and it was ready for workload in a minute. For Management students, focus was more on the working on hadoop components rather then actual coding part but many of them who came from B.Tech. (Computer Sc.) background also enjoyed programming side of it. Students are planning to use Bluemix's Hadoop service in future for project development around Text Analytics, Data Analysis using Bigsheets and BigR. It was a great day and Thanks to both Dr. Pandey and Prof. Mathur for this student interaction opportunity. Looking forward for more.

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